A dream come true! I am racing at IMS!

Hi Friends,

Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamt of racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I was able to do that (kinda) when I was 12-years-old in quarter midgets, but it was only in a parking lot.

I am so excited to share that this week, I not only get to race in my hometown, but I get to do it on the most famous race track in the world.

It’s tough to put into words how excited I am. This is the one that counts. It’s not in a parking lot. It’s crossing the yard of bricks on the 2.4 mile road course and racing during an INDYCAR weekend. This is a big week, and I can’t wait to get started. We will practice and qualify on Thursday and then have a pair of races on Friday at 10:40 and 3:25 and a third race on Saturday at 9:40. The INDYCAR race is Saturday at 2:45. You can check out the schedule of times below. The Jay Howard boys have been working hard getting my ride ready. I hope you’ll tune in or come to the track to watch. If you do come, let me know. I’ll try to come say hello!

It’s also a big week because we can announce two new partners – EVO and the B1 Wellness & Performance Patch. As many of you know, we are trying to provide as much of a return as possible for our partners and not just ask for donations. So, I wanted to share details of our new partners and how it directly impacts my racing program and budget.

I’m excited to announce I’ve been chosen as an EVO development driver.  Many drivers, including me, have individual investment programs. EVO is similar, but it involves a variety of athletes in individual

sports and investments are available at a much wider range of financial commitment levels. The athletes are not only race car drivers, but also golfers, MMA fighters, boxers and potentially others.  EVO will be announcing their first group of premier athletes including another driver soon that is further up the Road to Indy ladder and closer to reaching INDYCAR than I am right now. Here’s a little more info (that I honestly copied and pasted from the website to make sure I got it right ).

EVO is a revolutionary athlete-development company which plans to eliminate the financial burdens of tomorrow’s champions, and change the way fans experience sports through the power of investment. They aim to take skilled professional athletes in individual sports who are struggling financially, and provide them with world-class development and support, in exchange for a share of future earnings. A portion of those earnings will be shared with EVO investors, and this model will allow athletes to focus on winning, without the burdens of financial constraints. Learn more at https://evoinvest.com/lee/

I’m also really excited about the B1 Patch. I’ve been using it since last Fall and I think I’ve been able to see a difference in my focus and endurance. Several other drivers including James Hinchcliffe also use the B1 Patch. It’s an all-natural vitamin transdermal patch delivering Thiamine (Vitamin B1) to your body that helps with physical endurance, mental stamina and has recently been identified as a big immune system booster. It is approved for athletic use by USADA and WADA. (I did a little more copy and paste here 😜).

The company also has a mosquito repellant patch as well we just became aware of and we look forward to using that soon.  Please give them a try and if you are coming to CARB Night at Lucas Oil Raceway on May 28th, let me know and I will have some samples available to try. You can click here to order the B1 Patch and here to order the Mosquito patch.  And, if you use the code “Jackson” you get 20% off the order. 

B1 is giving back a very large percentage to help with my racing budget!  And, we’ve now learned how expensive even a small crash is at this level, so we’ve still got some work to do!

As always, thank you so much to the partners that have been with us: Browning Chapman Specialty Contractors,  Doug Mockett & Company (fine architectural hardware), Spruce Haven Farm Cold Brew Cowffee (they are changing distributors and out of stock for a few weeks),  Indiana Coating Specialists and TnemecCaldwell Realty (NW Indiana & Indy north side), and Caldwell Subways in Hobart and Valparaiso, IN. I wouldn’t be here without you! 

Stay Fast! 

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