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Race 1: S 4 F 7th GSX 

Race 2: S 6th F 6th GSX

Race 1:  S 2nd F 2nd GSX (Fastest lap)

Race 2:  S 2nd F 2nd GSX (Led 24 laps)

2024 - IMSA michelin pilot CHALLENGE

S 19th (Scully) F 21st (Ran as high as 3rd. Running 12th when car lost power with 2 laps remaining)

S:                       F:

2023 - #47 Turn 3 motorsport, USF pro 2000 Championship

Race 1: S 18th F 11th

Race 2: S 18th F 15th 

Race 1:  S 17th F 13th

Race 2:  S 12th F 5th – Tilton Hard Charger Award

Race 1: S 9th F 10th

Race 2: S 9th F 18th (8th with fastest lap before mechanical) 

Freedom 90:  S 10th F 12th 

Race 1: S 15th F 17th (Pushed off & stalled, lap 1)

Race 2: S 10th F 19th (Moved as high as 5th before collected in crash)

Race 1:  S 16th F 14th (10th in final corner, hit from behind)

Race 2:  S 14th F 20th (Off in 1st corner, lost lap. Retire after 19 laps)

2022 - #2 Cape motorsports, Cooper tires USF2000 Championship

Race 1: S 18th F 11th

Race 2: S 18th F 15th 

Race 1:  S 17th F 13th

Race 2:  S 12th F 5th – Tilton Hard Charger Award

Race 1: S 14th F 12th

Race 2: S 13th F 7th 

Race 1:  S 14th F 17th

Race 2:  S 10th F 9th

Race 1:    S 12th F 16th – Collected in crash*

Race 2:    S 16th F 11th

Race 3:    S 16th F 15th

 S 13th F 12th

 Race 1:    S 11th F 16th – F 5th, penalized :35 for contact

 Race 2:     S 14th F 14th  


 Race 1:  S 17th F 12th

 Race 2:  S 17th F 10th

 Race 3:  S 19th F 18th – Taken out from 11th on final lap

Race 1: S 4 F 7th GSX 

Race 2: S 6th F 6th GSX

Race 1:  S 2nd F 2nd GSX (Fastest lap)

Race 2:  S 2nd F 2nd GSX (Led 24 laps)

Race 1: S 4 F 7th GSX 

Race 2: S 6th F 6th GSX

Race 1:  S 2nd F 2nd GSX (Fastest lap)

Race 2:  S 2nd F 2nd GSX (Led 24 laps)

2021 - #8 Jay Howard driver development, USF2000 championship

Race 1: S 14th F 12th

Race 2: S 23rd F 14th – Electrical issue in qualifying…Tilton Hard Charger award for most positions gained. 5th fastest lap

Race 1:  S 23rd F 14th

Race 2:  S 19th F 18th

 Race 1:    S 22nd F 26th – Collected in crash

Race 2:    DNS, mechanical

Race 3:    S 19th F 9th – Tilton Hard Charger Award for most positions gained

 S 15th F 17th

 Race 1:    S 19th F 23rd – Collected in crash running 11th

 Race 2:     S 16th  F18th 


 Race 1:  S 16th F 18th

 Race 2:  S 15th F 26th  –  Fastest lap of the race

 Race 3:  S 5th F 13th

 Race 1:  S 18th F 18th

 Race 2:  S 17th F 11th  

 Six test sessions:  P2 overall , Cape Motorsports  

2020 - #52 rice race, F1600 championship//#22 Team USA formula ford

Race 1: S 4th F 3rd Fastest lap of the race and led laps

Race 2 (Feature): S 2nd F 2nd Fastest lap of the race and led

Round 1: S 4th F 12th    

Round 2:  S 6th F 8th

Round 3:  S 4th F 6th

Round 4:  S 3rd F 5th

Round 5:  S 6th F 4th  (Fastest lap)

Round 6:  S 1st F 1st

Round 7:  S 3rd F 2nd (Video review, .001 margin)

Round 8:  S 4th F 2nd

Round 9:  S 6th F 1st

Round 10: S 2nd F 2nd (Fastest lap)

Round 11:  S 1st  F 3rd  (.01 from win)

Round 12:  S 6th  F 3rd  (.05 from win)

Race 1: S 18th F 17th out of 29

Race 2: S 17th F 12th out of 29

Heat:  S 4th F 3rd out 16

Semi:  S 5th F 8th out of 25 (Top 12 advance)

Grand Final: S 15 F 10th out of 30 (50 entered)

Heat:  S 4th F 4th out 26

Semi:  S 8th F 10th out of 36 (Top 18 advance)

Grand Final: S 20th  F DNF (collected in crash running 17th)

2019 - lucas oil formula car championship//#18 rice race f1600 championship

18 events – 2 wins, 6 podiums, Top-5 10x, 1 pole, Fastest lap 3x

4th in Championship Series points, -22 from 1st (454-432)

3 events – 1 podium (2nd), 4th place.

KRA:  8 starts – 4 podiums (2nd 3x), top 5 7x

TaG Senior:  5th

TaG Lite: 4th

TaG Senior: 2nd 

TaG Lite: 3rd

Round 1: S 1st (track record), F 1st

Round 2: S 3rd, F 8th *Finished 2nd but assessed :35 sec. penalty for contact moving him to 8th officially

Round 3: S 3rd, F 4th *Fastest lap

*2nd in points standings after three events

TaG Senior: 16th (DNF)

TaG Lite:​  4th

Tag Senior: 2nd

Tag Lite: 2nd​

Round 4:  S 6th, F 9th

Round 5:  S 2nd, F 1st  *Take over points lead

Round 6:  S 3rd, F 4th   *Maintain points lead

Round 7:   S 7th,  F 7th

Round 8:   S 7th,  F 3rd   *Fastest lap

Round 9:   S 4th,   F 9th  *Fastest lap, collected in incident & forced pit stop

Round 10:   S 6th,  F 6th

Round 11:    S 6th,  F 8th  *Crash on last lap 

Round 12:    S 8th, F 6th

Round 16:    S 5th, F 4th  *Wet quals, led laps

Round 17:    S 4th, F 10th *Fastest lap, spin & precautionary pit stop

Round 18:    S 1st, F 2nd *Led laps, .01 difference 

Round 13:     S 3rd, F 6th

Round 14:     S 7th, F 2nd *Led most laps, .05 difference

Round 15:     S 2nd, F 3rd *Led most laps, .057 from 1st 

Round 16: S 5th, F 5th

Round 17: S 7th, F 4th

Round 18: S 3rd, F 3rd  *Led laps


Finished 2nd in points in KRA TaG Lite with 1 win and 6 podiums in 14 races. 4th in points in KRA TaG Sr with 1 podium and 1 pole in 13 races…Also competed in 1st SKUSA SuperNats event at NCMP.

Click here for NCMP KRA points standings and results.


Finished 8th in points in both KRA #1 and #2 in Jr. Yamaha. 2 poles and 1 win plus a pole and win in the Race for Riley.


Finished 3rd in points in KRA #1 and 5th in KRA #2 in Jr. Yamaha.  Total results included 4 podiums and one win.


1st full season of karts.  Finished 6th in points in KRA in both Jr. Yamaha #1 and #2.  Total results included 6 podiums with a best finish of 3rd and 1 pole.


Final season of .25 midgets.  Mini Indy Lt. 160 Friday Night Lights and full-season champion.  2nd in Sr. Honda points in Friday Night Lights and full season.  19 podiums in 30 Mini Indy starts with 5 feature wins and 10 heat wins…1 Midwest Thunder regional event – 4th out of 27 entries in Sr. Honda at Robby Stanley Memorial at Mini Indy…1 USAC National event – 11th out of 28 in Sr. Honda (alternate for A-Main) at Battle of the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway…1st full season in karts.  6th in points at NCMP in both Yamaha Jr. Can 1 & 2. 2nd in Race for Riley and 3rd in another KRA event.  Won both Novice races entered.


9 quarter midget wins (1 A-Main, 4 B-Mains, 4 heat wins) and 8 A-Main podiums.  1 podium in 2 starts in KRA kart events…3rd in Sr. Honda in Indiana State Series championship (4 races with Mini-Indy and Kokomo Quarter Midget Club). Mini-Indy Championship: 5th Lt. 160, 6th Sr. Honda…Podium in all 4 A-Mains at Ft. Wayne Rumble including win in Friday Sr. Honda, plus two 2nds and a heat win.


12 wins (7 heats, 3 lower mains, 2 A-Main features) and 9 A-Main podiums…Sr. Honda:5th in points at Mini Indy in 1st season in Sr. Honda with 2 A-Main wins (including the exhibition Halloween Havoc season finale). Also competed in 3 USAC Generation Next (national) events, 1 Midwest Thunder event, 3 events at Kokomo, 1 Columbus Indoor (3rd out of 14) and the Ft Wayne Rumble (2 heat wins & 6th out of 14 in A-main…Lt. 160: 7th in a half season at Mini-Indy with 2 runner-up finishes & a heat race win.  Also raced from C-Main to the A-Main in Battle at the Brickyard USAC Generation Next (national) event and won a heat race at the Ft. Wayne Rumble.


Spent most of season in Jr. Honda, finishing 4th in points at Mini-Indy. Highlights included an early season runner-up at Mini-Indy and another podium. Mid-season engine troubles forced a month of inactivity followed by a late season club issue that caused another month off.   Moved up to Sr. Honda after 9th birthday in September and competed in a pair of races.  Also, raced for the first time at Kokomo Quarter Midget Club.  And, participated in the New Year’s Eve weekend Ft. Wayne Rumble finishing 3rd in the heat race before a heavy crash in the feature.

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